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Equipment On The Day

The main stage will have stage lighting, a professional sound engineer (be nice to him!), a 10KW PA with Shure vocal and instrument microphones, DI boxes and 4 stage monitors, controlled through a 32 channel digital mixing console.

A drum kit will be available. It will be miked up, but drummers will need to bring their own breakables (snare drum ,cymbals and bass drum pedal).

On the main stage, a bass amp will be provided as well. It is suitable for most requirements

There will be a small guitar combo amp with effects and overdriven channel.

We expect the guitarists to bring their own amps.

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Your Work

We would like to watch a previous performance or listen to a recording.

Preferred Timings and Stage

We will try to accommodate your preferred slot, but there will be many bands and musicians who want to have a say in this, so no guarantees! The stage choice is up to the organisers, but you can let us know where you feel most at home.

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